Vaping has come a very long way since the beginning, as have its vaping devices. It is seen that from a very humble vape pen that served as the first ever vaping device that has been made, it gave way for other variants of vaping devices to come to life. From variable mods to box mods that are either mechanical, hybrid, or non-mechanical variants, all the way up to other vaping devices that have a peculiar use for vaping But nowadays, vaping has an ergonomic design and a more convenient vaping experience when it comes to its approach. That is why pod systems and disposable vapes are the new faces of modern vaping devices. Mostly, both vaping devices are inspired by the vape pens, variable mods, and box mods of the past, but with a more compact design and maintenance-free usage. Yet still, just like any other adaptation, innovation, or revision, some vape brands struggle to relive the vape trends of the past accurately. On this read, one particular vaping device finally took the reigns, renewing a once-legendary vaping device, the box mod. Stay tuned until the end to find out more about this exciting information.

The Problem with the Existing Pod System Designs

Like said in the earlier part of this article, modern pod systems and disposable vapes still somehow struggle to bring back the accurate depiction of the previous vaping devices. Although both of these modern vaping devices still managed to accurately innovate the vape pen, a more accurate modern version of a box mod is nowhere to be seen. There are countless of these so-called “box-type” vape mods out there that are said to bring back the feel of a box mod, but nothing has ever come close. Not even one bit. The only similarity that these “box-type” vape mods could bring is the box-like appearance itself, and even that is still a bit of a fail. Curvy edges are not known to be an aspect of a box mod because box mods are known to conveniently and stably stand on their own once placed in an upright position. Also, vape brands should consider the vapor production of a certain vaping device before introducing it as a modern box mod. Box mods are known to be supreme beasts when it comes to producing huge chunks of clouds or vapor, all thanks to their unbeatable power draw and box mod-specific atomizers with the best airflows. These are just some of the common problems with pod systems and disposable vapes nowadays when recreating the modern version of box mods, until the vape brand UWELL finally decided to turn things around.

One of the Best Modern Adaptation of a Box Mod

Introducing the far best renewal of the legendary box mod, the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L Pod System. Not only does it look like a proper box mod with a more compact and ergonomic design, but it also performs well enough, unlike other existing competitors. At a glance, it looks very accurately like a squonk, which is a variant of a box mod. It looks and works like a normal pod, and the maintenance is the same as for any other pod system, but its performance is somewhat identical to that of a proper box mod. All thanks to that specialized airflow of the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L, the vapor production is massive, and it definitely feels like using a box mod with the same grip but better comfort when vaping. This new creation of UWELL also omitted the major drawbacks of box mods in the past. It is now compact and can be carried around with ease for daily vaping needs. The build is mostly made out of a zinc alloy with some plastic materials, but it is not that heavy or too light. Just the exact sweet spot weight a box mod should be for everyday vaping needs. Because this is a pod system, the old chunky box mods’ need for an external charger has been eliminated and improved. The CALIBURN & IRONFIST L has a USB Type-C charging port for lightning-fast charging of its built-in battery, which is sure to cater to even the most demanding vaping needs. And the most important of them all is that building a coil specifically for cloud chasing is not a problem anymore, as this is again a pod system. Both the G and G2 Caliburn coils shine more on this particular device than they did before. It almost feels like the G and G2 Caliburn coils have been waiting for the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L all this time to show their outmost potential. Finally, the best and most accurate modern version of a box mod has arrived to change the modern vaping game.

Final Thoughts

Let’s be completely honest about this last part. Since it has been the very first pod system successful enough to bring back the almost accurate feel of a box mod, it is certain that it has some minor flaws. But that one single drawback is nothing compared to the nostalgic feel of a box mod that only the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L could bring as close to a box mod as compared to other pod systems out there. UWELL already took the right and successful step towards renewing the legend, and it is expected that they will continuously strive to make an improved and more accurate version of the box mod that is fitted for modern-day vaping. But right now, the CALIBURN & IRONFIST L is in the best spot of the light, and it is sure to garner a lot of positive attention and feedback from those who get their hands on one. And those who haven’t got one yet are missing a lot of its greatness, especially when yearning for the best modern box mod vaping experience.

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