The corrugated display is one of the most common displays used in retail stores and other places where products are sold. This type of display is easy to set up, lightweight and portable and can be placed almost anywhere. However, choosing the right corrugated POP display for your business isn’t as easy as just picking one off the shelf. Here are some things you should consider before buying a corrugated display:

Use the right amount of space.

  • Make sure you have enough space for your display. You will not be able to make a good impression on your customers if your product is crammed into a tiny space.
  • Use the right amount of space. This is especially important if you’re displaying multiple products in one area, as it’s always better to give them ample room so they can be viewed more clearly and easily by potential buyers.
  • Know what size displays should look like in different scenarios, whether inside or outside a store or office building, etc. so that people won’t be overwhelmed when they look at them on display racks while shopping around town!

Focus on your customer’s needs.

If you spend your time and money on display, you want it to be easy for the customer. Here are some things to consider when picking out a display:

  • Is it easy for customers to use? If your display isn’t intuitively designed or has instructions that aren’t clear, then customers may have trouble using it and will start to get frustrated. They’ll feel less inclined to purchase from you if they have trouble figuring out how the product works.
  • Does it fit in with their lifestyle? Asking this question can help ensure that you’re not just selling an item that’s “good enough” but rather one that fits in with what people want out of their lives. For example, if someone doesn’t drive much and has no space for tools at home (like bikes or lawnmowers), then chances are they won’t be interested in buying those sorts of products from you. However, if most people drive cars daily but don’t live close enough together where walking would take too long each day, then commuter bikes would be more appropriate than commuter motorcycles! Consider what makes sense based on demographics like income level and lifestyle preferences before making any decisions here so as not to unnecessarily waste valuable resources.

Consider the best location for your display.

Now that you have a good idea of what your display will look like, it’s time to consider where you should place it. The location of your display is important as it will determine how many people see it and whether they can easily spot it.

You’re probably thinking: “How do I pick the right location?” You need to take into account where your target audience lives and works and what kind of environment they are in daily. If there are many cars near where the display will be placed, then ensure there are no low-hanging branches or wires nearby!

If you’re planning on changing out your corrugated displays regularly—which is highly recommended—then be sure to measure out how much space they’ll take up at each location and consider whether this will require any special equipment (such as lifts) or costs (such as renting storage). This way, when setting up for an event like Roadshow or even just moving around town during business hours with different ads on each side (for example), things go smoothly without any surprises along the way!

Make sure your display fits the space.

As a business owner, you probably want to ensure your display fits the space. This is important because if you don’t have enough room in your store or office for a display, it won’t help your business. You will also run into problems if your chosen display is too big for your space and takes up valuable real estate where customers could be walking or sitting on a couch.

One way to figure out if your chosen corrugated display is going to fit where you plan on putting it is by measuring the area where it will go ahead of time and then comparing that measurement with what’s listed on each product page on Amazon (or wherever else) if they match up, then great! But if not, just know that not all displays are created equal—some might be smaller than others depending on how much material they use or how many materials were used.”

Choose the right design for your product.

What is the purpose of your display? What are you trying to show? How large is your product, and how much space does it take up? How large is the overall size of your display? The answer to these questions will give you a better idea of which style best suits your needs.


Hopefully, we’ve helped you make the most of your corrugated POP display. We know that it can seem daunting at first, but if you follow our tips and consider them as you pick out your product—and put together your display—you should be all set. Whether it’s for a big trade show or just some local event where lots of people are coming through the door, these tips will help ensure your business gets noticed!


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